About Us

The Ghana Society was originally founded in 2006 in association with Ghanaian students at the University of Bedfordshire to promote Ghanaian Arts and Culture. The Ghana Society was particularly effective because it employed the medium of carnival to showcase and promote the rich Ghanaian culture and heritage which enhanced its status and popularity. It eventually became an integral part of the Luton International Carnival as the first African mas group and won many awards to her credit. 

The Society has recently re-focussed and re-organised its structure and position as Ghana Society UK  with the view to opening more oppportunities and capabilities for the Afrcan community at large. Notwithstanding the effect of the covid-19 pandemic, the Society has evolved to become a strong organisation , a pillar in the community working assiduosly in supporting the community with food and clothing donations, liasing  with other charitable organisations to engage with diverse communities and different faith groups to reach a much wider circle of people and be able to expand its activities and commitments more widely , locally ,nationally and internationally.

There is a large Ghanaian African community in Luton and the surrounding areas who have become marginalised and we aim by engaging in such events to be able to create opportunities for social interaction and build on positive representations and relations within our community. We hope to bring together the various diverse groups within the community to participate and enjoy the very best in Ghanaian performance and culture.

The Ghana Society purports to propagate African culture and traditional practices through music and dance by participating in the carnival. We believe that this would encourage the realisation and assimilation of the richness and diversity of the various art forms for positive and constructive social cohesion. Therefore participating in  Carnivals  provides a meaningful way for us to showcase the importance of that diversity, and opens up a whole new world for the group with exciting opportunities whilst promoting our Ghanaian African cultural heritage.

The Ghana Society UK aims to

  • teach about the beauty, style and sophistication of our culture to progress the group to other community events, promoting Ghana’s cultural heritage in the Diaspora
  • collaborating with UK promoters to promote up and coming Ghanaian artistes for programmes in the UK enabling them to showcase their talent
  • forge partnership with UK organisations to host events and fundraise for projects in Ghana abd Africa as a whole
  • empower and enable the community to effect change, achieving excellence in all our activities
  • involve our youth in activities, which will teach and encourage them to embrace their culture with pride to empower them for the future
  • stimulate our youth to be positively represented, to effect change and anti-social behaviour both in the UK and Ghana
  • promote the Ghanaian Africans in our community, enabling them to fully participate in social events
  • promoting Ghana as a tourist destination through social cultural events 

Activities and Tours
Our activities includes carnival costume workshops, Educational Youth workshops leading to the Arts Award Accreditation, Youth activities & International Exchange Programmes, Mentoring, and various social events celebrated as part of Black History season.

The Ghana Society have toured as a ‘Mas group’ in the Dortmund Carnival in Germany, Denmark, Copenhagen carnivals and have also participated in both the Isle of Wight Illuminated parade and Notting Hill Carnival, every year since inception.

Featured Projects
Door of No Return Performance
‘Welcoming the Fabric of Nations’ Exhibition
Akwaaba to Ghana
Sankofa Dance Classes & Performance
Kente Festival

Carnival Awards
2006: 2nd place – Best Newcomer Group (Luton International Carnival)
2007: Luton International Carnival was cancelled
2008: 1st place – Best Carnival Arts Youth Group and Overall Winners (Luton International Carnival)
2009: 2nd Place – Best Youth Group (Luton International Carnival)
2010: 2nd place – Overall Best winners; Best Adult Mas Band (Luton International Carnival)
2011: Best Youth Group (Luton International Carnival)
2012: Best Adult Walking Group (Luton International Carnival)
2013: Overall Best & Best Adult Group on the Road (Luton International Carnival)
2014: Overall Best; 3rd Place – Best Adult walking Group & Future Stars Award to Sarah Wilson (Luton International Carnival)
2015: 2nd Place – Best Adult Walking Group & Future Stars Award for Sarah Wilson (Luton International Carnival)

Annual UK Events
Luton International Carnival
Ghana Independence anniversary programs
Annual Kente Festival & Fundraising Gala supporting worthy campaigns
Ghana UK Media Awards
Ghana UK Youth Enrichment Ball
Miss Tourism UK – Biannual (in partnership with Miss Tourism Ghana Organisation)
Parliamentary Forums in partnership with Africa Secretariat
Batakari Fair & Cultural Expo
Luton Ghana Development Programmes in (partnership with Lewsey Far, Learning Centre & Open Doors Foundation Training & Development Trust)

 Forthcoming Events
Ghana Independence Annual Thanksgiving Service & Ball

Kente Festival Gala and  Fundraising 

Ghana National Carnival (Republic Day)

Ghana Carnival Awards and Masquerade Ball

Batakari Ball

Ghana Society UK is non partisan but will support events and government programmes aimed to promote Ghana/ Africa on the whole