The Akwaaba to Ghana project

The Akwaaba to Ghana project has really been an eye opener. We have heard untold intriguing life stories of some of the members of our Ghanaian community in Luton.

Our youth have also learnt first hand during the interviews about some of our cultural traditions including kente weaving which will be kept for generations. It has certainly opened a dialogue within our community which had not been touched upon before.

The Akwaaba to Ghana  Volume 1 publication of these life stories will be useful to many, an inspiration to other Ghanaian communities.


Sarah Wilson

Akwaaba to Ghana has been exciting for me hearing the captivating untold lifestories and traditions of our older folks….a story that had to told and heard. I can describe it as two life journeys between us and the older generation which will remain with me a life time.

Debbie Quaye
I am intrigued with so much  ‘wicked ‘stories……why hasn’t mum ever told us?
Thank God for her interview!
Marie Antoinette

It was very nostalgic….took me back to things I haven’t thought about in years and spoken about….really good….very cathartic